Content Warnings Made Simple

Put up a warning wall between whoever clicks your link and whatever’s at the end of it with a warning about sensitive content

# What is RedFlag? RedFlag is a simple but effective way to responsibly share links about or containing potentially sensitive subjects. All you need to do is select up to 3 content warnings, paste the link to the website, and get your RedFlag link for that site. Instead of displaying a preview of the content, RedFlag will display a "Warning" image, allowing you to explain what’s on the other side of the wall and letting people choose whether or not they want to look at the content. When someone uses the RedFlag link, they will be greeted with a full red screen with a warning about what kinds of sensitive materials may be on the page and be given the opportunity to go back if they do not want to view the content or press onward to the site. # Why RedFlag? There’s a lot of stuff on the internet. Most of it is good, excellent stuff, but sometimes, it can get pretty unsavory. RedFlag allows you to share potentially negative or harmful content while giving those who may be more sensitive to that kind of material a chance to opt out of seeing it. The inspiration for this site comes from an article that went around in January 2017 about a brutally murdered dog. Dog rescues and many other sources shared this article, which featured and previewed the grisly images. While it is important to know about this kind of thing, I can’t imagine anyone who would actually want to see the images that were posted. RedFlag is here to provide a better experience on social media and for clicking regular links in general by letting your followers not have their day ruined by unexpected horrific content.